Holiday Wishes and Silly Faces

Christmas card 2011

Happy Holidays!! See if you can find the 7 hidden references to Dave in the main photo

This last time I put together a Christmas card was in 2006, the year Dave died. Five years later, I decided it was time to do another. I also wanted to make it fun and special so I hid 7 references to Dave in the main photo.  See if you can find them first before checking out the answers below.

1. Teddy Bear:  A gift Dave gave Sierra for her 1st birthday in October 2001.  We call him “Daddy Bear”.

2. The #11 has special meaning to us.  Not only was it Dave’s “final number”, but it also appears quite often in our every day lives. Find the #11 on Daddy Bear’s left hand.

3. The #11 is also located on my right knee.

4. DC for Dave Castles is hidden on Sierra’s Santa hat.

5. DC is also hidden on the bottom half of Sierra’s top.

6. Have you heard the phrase “Pennies from Heaven”? We find pennies everywhere and have many cool stories about them. There is one included in this pic. Try to find this one on your own.

7. This one is probably the toughest…should I tell you?  Ok I will.  They are my wedding rings on a chain…a gift of love to be passed on in time….

Hope you enjoyed our little holiday card game.  Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring peace and happiness to all!

4 Responses to Holiday Wishes and Silly Faces

    • Thanks Ollie! Just starting out with this and also want to include a post from you for sure!

      Time flies….we need to live life to the fullest, just as Dave Castles did!

  1. I got your Christmas card, and now know this site exists. What a great memorial to David.

    I have to say, you do embody the saying of making the most of the moment in those you know and meet.

    May you and Sierra have the happiest of holidays!

    • Thanks so much Darren! I know that life has much to offer and plan to make the most of it for me and for Sierra because I know that’s what Dave would want.

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