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Little Dave on a Toy HorseAbout the Title:

It took a while to come up with a name for this Blog. Then one day it came to me……I chose the name “A David Story” after one of the memories shared by Dave’s sister, Maureen Hovnanian:

Every evening at the dinner table we would each talk about something that happened during the day.  David, being the youngest, rarely had anything of consequence to speak of.  However, he had to have his turn.  And talk, oh how he could talk.  He would go on, and on, and on with all of us listening and wondering where the story was going and then all of a sudden, he would stop. We would all be sitting there looking at each other & wondering what the heck he was talking about. Eventually we would just burst out laughing. This would infuriate David but apparently not enough to stop him from trying again day after day. These stories affectionately became known as “David Stories”.

About A David Story:

Have you ever seen one of these movies scenes?:  There’s a knock at the door or ringing of the door bell. A woman stops what she’s doing and walks over to see who’s at the door.  It’s a police officer with a very solemn look on his face.  The news he has come to relay is very sad, very shocking. There was an accident and her husband was killed. It seems very surreal and the woman tries to make sense of this moment. Is this a nightmare in sleep or in reality?  On August 11, 2006, that scene became my reality.

A David Story is my story about David Francis Castles.  He was my husband, best friend, and daddy to our little girl, Sierra. This is my story about my life with Dave, losing Dave and finding him again.  I have been sharing my story with friends and family as a way to work through my loss.  Along the way, I have tried to help others work through their grief.  For some time now, I have wanted to share my story and to try to reach and help more people. The time to do so now feels right.

This is my story, our story, A David Story.

Lena Castles



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  1. I really didn’t know how you and Dave met. It’s so touching to read about it. Seeing Dave and reading the stories brought back so much memories. Mostly funny ones of Dave. BUMBUCHA still makes me laugh.

    • Yep…that was the way it happened…not the way DAVE said it happened. You know he was a total jokester. I remember so many funny times and will be sharing many of them, including ones with you, like the McDonald’s cheeseburger!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, hugs to you. I truly believe writing and sharing is good for the soul, it definitely helps me work through things. You have a lovely blog, from the heart.

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