Daddy’s Daughter

Something Sierra said and did the other night gave me this idea for a blog post.  It also reminded me how much of a goofball Dave was…..and how she is so much like her daddy. A big goofball! 🙂

Sierra being goofy

Silly Sierra

The other night, Sierra was in my bathroom….again…and as I walked in to get something, she said, “Mom, look!” She pointed at her left calf, posed and flexed, showing off her calf muscles as she flashed a silly smile and raised her eyebrows up and down. This is totally something Dave would do and has done! He’s done that and……always joked around doing the pectoral muscle dance. Whenever he did it, I’d just look at him and shake my head and tell him how crazy he was.

In April 1995, Dave’s friends, Chrissy and Bonnie Russell from Long Island, New York, came to visit us here in Maui. We ended up taking them out to beautiful Hana. One of the things I remember was Chrissy not enjoying the long windy road and her saying that she was feeling “Nosh”. That was the first time I had ever heard someone say that….”Nosh”.

We stopped by Hasegawa Store in Hana and while walking through the parking lot, a guy stopped Dave and said, “Hey! Are you from Methuen, Massachusetts?!” Dave said, “Yeah, how you doin’?” …something he said pretty often in his thick Boston accent. They chatted for a bit more before we continued on to the store. I was confused. I asked Dave, “How does he know you’re from Methuen?!” Dave looked at me and said,”He can tell from my calves.” And with that he pointed at one of his calves and flexed, then looked back at me and laughed. I thought, “What the heck?” and was trying to figure it out.

It wasn’t until later on that I realized that printed on the back of his t-shirt was of an image of a volleyball tournament held in Methuen, MA.

These photos were taken on that Hana trip with Chrissy, Bonnie and our friend Eric Brooks.  We stayed out at the Waianapanapa cabins and had a blast! Dave always made fun of the gifts his family gave him and they would always laugh about it.  In these pics he was actually making fun of the clothes he had received for Christmas from his parents… a set of Mickey Mouse pajamas.  Those actually ended up being his favorite shorts and he wore them for years 🙂

Dave flexing in his Disney PJs

Dave flexing in his Disney PJs

Dave made us all laugh all the time and and I’m so glad that we still talk about and laugh about the funny things he did and said.

It’s really crazy that Sierra does a lot of the same silly, goofy things Dave did.  I love it! It shows that she takes after her dad in many ways, but also makes me feel like he’s still close by….

Laughter is good for the soul….and I’m happy to say that it’s part of daily life for Sierra and me….


Run Sierra Run!

Sierra gave up playing in her soccer game this past weekend! Hard to believe, but I’m totally serious!  She actually decided to run in a track meet at Kamehameha School here in Maui instead. I really wanted to post a video we took of Sierra running in her first relay race, the 400 Meter Relay. I ran in this race when I was a Freshman at Baldwin High School and our relay team was undefeated that year and we qualified for the State Meet. Track was so much fun! I was just as obsessed with it as Sierra’s is with soccer! Well….almost as obsessed. LOL!

Pic of Sierra and Lena in Track & Field

Sierra today and Me in high school track.

I know that Sierra will look at the photo above of us and say, “Oh mom! Really?!” But that’s okay LOL! And yep! I know I look like a dork! Look at those bangs! Hahaha!

Although this blog is sort of about me, sort of about Sierra, I created it for Dave and it should all relate him somehow right? Of course there are no rules really because it’s my blog. However, I still needed something, the link to Dave to make me feel that it was okay to post this great video on A David Story of “our Sierra”.

This morning I got that little something…a “sign”, if you will.

I woke up and did what I always do first thing every morning. I picked up my iPhone, checked my emails then Facebook and Twitter. Dave’s sister Mo (Maureen) watched the video of Sierra running and had just posted a reply to my post. Her comment immediately made me feel like Dave wanted me to share the video of his daughter running in her first track meet by posting it here on A David Story. Here is Mo’s comment on my Facebook post:


Sign from Dave: Facebook Comment from Mo

A phone call from "David" as Mo posts about Sierra's Track Video


It’s one of those really cool things and of course you have to believe in “hereafter”, life or existence after death, to “get it”.  And as they say, “timing is everything”.  And it is! Timing matters big time! The phone call from caller “David” coming in as Mo was commenting on Facebook (and I should add, Mo is RARELY on Facebook), was the reason she posted what she did and the reason I am sharing this.

A few hours later, Mo texted me this:

“I couldn’t believe the timing of the call. I actually started to cry. It’s even a new customer not an existing one. Never spoke to him before today! Coincidence…I don’t think so ”

Here is the video of Sierra running the 2nd leg of the 400 Meter Relay…her first time running this race.  They practiced passing the baton for the first time, just before the race! I believe that Dave wanted to me to share this on A David Story because he is just as proud of his daughter as I am.

Go Sierra! I’m still faster than you though! 🙂



If video doesn’t appear, here is the direct YouTube link: