Run Sierra Run!

Sierra gave up playing in her soccer game this past weekend! Hard to believe, but I’m totally serious!  She actually decided to run in a track meet at Kamehameha School here in Maui instead. I really wanted to post a video we took of Sierra running in her first relay race, the 400 Meter Relay. I ran in this race when I was a Freshman at Baldwin High School and our relay team was undefeated that year and we qualified for the State Meet. Track was so much fun! I was just as obsessed with it as Sierra’s is with soccer! Well….almost as obsessed. LOL!

Pic of Sierra and Lena in Track & Field

Sierra today and Me in high school track.

I know that Sierra will look at the photo above of us and say, “Oh mom! Really?!” But that’s okay LOL! And yep! I know I look like a dork! Look at those bangs! Hahaha!

Although this blog is sort of about me, sort of about Sierra, I created it for Dave and it should all relate him somehow right? Of course there are no rules really because it’s my blog. However, I still needed something, the link to Dave to make me feel that it was okay to post this great video on A David Story of “our Sierra”.

This morning I got that little something…a “sign”, if you will.

I woke up and did what I always do first thing every morning. I picked up my iPhone, checked my emails then Facebook and Twitter. Dave’s sister Mo (Maureen) watched the video of Sierra running and had just posted a reply to my post. Her comment immediately made me feel like Dave wanted me to share the video of his daughter running in her first track meet by posting it here on A David Story. Here is Mo’s comment on my Facebook post:


Sign from Dave: Facebook Comment from Mo

A phone call from "David" as Mo posts about Sierra's Track Video


It’s one of those really cool things and of course you have to believe in “hereafter”, life or existence after death, to “get it”.  And as they say, “timing is everything”.  And it is! Timing matters big time! The phone call from caller “David” coming in as Mo was commenting on Facebook (and I should add, Mo is RARELY on Facebook), was the reason she posted what she did and the reason I am sharing this.

A few hours later, Mo texted me this:

“I couldn’t believe the timing of the call. I actually started to cry. It’s even a new customer not an existing one. Never spoke to him before today! Coincidence…I don’t think so ”

Here is the video of Sierra running the 2nd leg of the 400 Meter Relay…her first time running this race.  They practiced passing the baton for the first time, just before the race! I believe that Dave wanted to me to share this on A David Story because he is just as proud of his daughter as I am.

Go Sierra! I’m still faster than you though! 🙂



If video doesn’t appear, here is the direct YouTube link:

14 Responses to Run Sierra Run!

  1. WOW she is BLAZING fast! She just burned everybody! You must be so proud. I did track in intermediate and it was the best. I did relays too. Us 4 girls were so tight back then. Lots of great memories (especially when you win 🙂

  2. Wow, Sierra is fast! Watch out Lena, I have a feeling she’s gonna beat your record :). The David phone call timing was touching. I do believe in life after death. I am sure he is very proud of Sierra, and you 🙂

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