Remembering a Special Anniversary

January 30, 1999 was the day Dave and I were married. We both decided to keep it very small and intimate and we had the ceremony and reception at the Kealani Hotel, in Wailea, Maui. We had been married for 7 years before Dave died in 2006.

The crazy thing…. is that in the 7 years after our wedding we never once remembered to celebrate our anniversary!  Not once! Not even the 1st anniversary! We both completely spaced it and remembered, I think, the following week. We had even kept a little of our wedding cake in the freezer to save for a bite on our 1st anniversary.  However, I don’t think we ate it because it was freezer-burned! LOL! Every year after that, we were always so busy!  In addition,with it being in January, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Dave’s birthday being in the same month, and then having our daughter Sierra in late 2000….all caused us to forget our special day, January 30.

And oh, the irony of how things work sometimes. Now that Dave is no longer here in person to wish a Happy Anniversary…I have NOT forgotten January 30th.  I remember every year now.  And today is no exception.  Happy Anniversary Dave. I’ll be seeing you…..

To those who read this….remember to celebrate every occasion, celebrate every day, because… can.

Dave and Lena on Wedding Day

Dave and Lena, January 30, 1999


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  1. Oh Lena, hugs to you on your anniversary. We all celebrate our love in different ways, it is ok you didn’t go to a fancy dinner on a certain day because I’m sure you expressed your love in other ways.

    I was with my ex hubby for twenty years, married for ten, we got divorced two years ago. Our divorce wasn’t bad and our marriage wasn’t either, but we were more like best friends than husband and wife and we grew apart. I still struggle emotionally on our anniversary, we used to go to brunch each year at the Royal Hawaiian, where we got married. We don’t talk much now, not because we’re angry, it just got longer and longer between talks and now it’s awkward. I do miss the man who was once my best friend for two decades. Reading your blog makes me realize I do need to make contact again because if anything ever happened to him and we haven’t spoken, I don’t think I could ever get over that.

    • Tania, thanks for your note! Wow you and your ex were together a long time! Great that you are still friends and yes! Good to stay in touch…even if just to say hi! 🙂 Hope to meet you IRL soon 🙂

  2. Read this blog twice already and I am still at a loss on what to say. I am glad that you are able to talk about this with fondness and not sadness. I think Dave would be happy about that too. Your wedding photo is beautiful! And thanks for the reminder to celebrate whenever we can – will do.

    • Liza, I know you and your family are close and that is really awesome! I have no regrets because we had a great life together, Dave, Sierra and I. We are also able to move forward and continue to enjoy life and keep remembering all the happy times with Dave 🙂 Also I got really lucky to meet another great guy and somehow I feel like Dave is still looking out for me….there’s a story there that I’ll post one day, on how Brad and I met 🙂 Thanks sooo much Liza for all your efforts and support of all the bloggers you meet and MBN is a wonderful and helpful way for us Maui bloggers to stay in touch and learn from each other. Thanks again!!!

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